(This is the only section of the portfolio where page protectors may be used.)

Awards, Letters of Recommendation, Letters of Commendations, Certificates, etc. earned while in the Master's program.


  • It is helpful to separate various artifacts with captions, this is, a separate sheet of colored paper that contains a description of what follows.
  • Page protectors should not be used except as an option in Section 8.
  • Students may choose whether to include clean, graded or corrected versions of their course products in the portfolio.
  • The EPPL faculty recommends maintaining an electronic version of your portfolio for career advancement purposes beyond graduation.
  • It is recommended that students assemble a folio, gather artifacts of actual leadership experiences, to be used in a subsequent career advancement portfolio organized around the same categories as their preparation portfolio. The evidence of internship projects may be a good starting place for this second portfolio.