The candidate demonstrates the capacity to promote the success of all students by ensuring management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment. Human, material, and financial resources are allocated in an accountable manner that involves key stakeholders and ensures improved staff performance and student achievement.

  • Demonstrate financial planning and cash flow management through the preparation of a building budget, making use of fiscal and analytical techniques of management. (EPPL 550)
  • Conduct a facilities needs assessment. (EPPL 550)
  • Complete a technology project demonstrating the use of technology for fiscal, personnel, and facilities planning and management. (EPPL 550)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal concepts, regulations, and codes for school operation through preparation of a debate responding to a legal issue impacting school operations and management. (EPPL 660)
  • Prepare a Case Law analysis of a contemporary legal issue. (EPPL 660)
  • Select one of the following three activities: (EPPL 643)
    • Write a paper responding to a topic or issue in human resources management and development, personnel services, student services, and categorical program requirements and processes.
    • Create an annotated bibliography of topics in human resource administration.
    • Conduct a field project based on a contemporary issue in human resource administration (individual or group project).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of operational procedures at the school and division level. (EPPL 586 & 587)