Portfolio for Certification in K-12 Administration and Supervision


The Professional Portfolio serves three purposes: 1) it provides a process for students to document, organize, and reflect upon their experiences and achievements during the certification process; 2) it serves as both a formative and summative assessment mechanism of the student's professional growth and development; and 3) it fulfills State requirements for graduate institutions offering administrator licensure programs.


  • Portfolios are introduced in EPPL 502, with a discussion of portfolio purpose and guidelines.
  • Instructors continue to coach students on portfolio development in required certification courses throughout the program, as delineated below.
  • Student presentation of portfolio is a culminating experience during the final semester of the internship (EPPL 586 or EPPL 587).

Portfolio Overview

  • Cover Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Section 1: Index of Indicators and Evidence
  • Section 2: Resume
  • Section 3: Planning and Assessment
  • Section 4: Instructional Leadership
  • Section 5: Organizational Management
  • Section 6: Communication and Community Relations
  • Section 7: Professional Standards and Ethics
  • Section 8: Credential, Letters and Awards